onsdag den 1. august 2007

When in Rome ..

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John sagde ...

Ha, that woman next to you looks a little jealous!

J. Arnold sagde ...

the guy to the right is enjoying himself . . .

Jennifer sagde ...

The woman next to you can't seem to help staring at your immodestly bare neck.

Leon Derczynski sagde ...

hvor er det?

taaleem sagde ...

I think you will find this girl is a porn actress who went to African village and made flicks of her getting done by a few of the locals; seems she did the films not using condoms, which would be pretty crazy.

John Gustafsson sagde ...

That Asian girl is way cute, and those old rifles doesn't scare us one bit :)

Daniel Beattie sagde ...

As Taaleem says it is from a porn movie produced by a company called Natural High a while ago where a Japanese woman visits an african tribe and has unprotected sex with her.

There is a sequel to the movie which is from Papua New Guinea. There is a clip from that here:

It is mislabelled as "african native".

This is their website:

This is the movie from which the pic is taken:

There is a sample clip there too.

This is the Papua New Guinea one:

And I just discovered that there is a 3rd installment too:

In this one they go to the amazon area.

These movies has been the subject of discussion on several japan-orientated blogs and discussion boards.

Og the Bear man sagde ...

I love the Japanese Tourist in Africa pic. This is proof that there should be more of 'when in Rome' when we go travelling.

Og the Bear man